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PML Hand Magnet are ergonomically designed to separate scattered ferrous particles such as nails, wires, washer, bolt, nut, etc from shop-floor, edgy cornered areas, foundry, scrap and many more places

The high intensity NdFeB (Rare Earth) Magnet are encased in a steel flat body with handle to form magnetic circuit.

This magnetic circuit than helps to trap ferrous particles from the said places. PML Hand Magnet is also available with Ferrite Magent.

Hand Magnet can be used in a wide range of fields for machining, casting, food & pharma industries, chemical processing etc. or for collecting the iron pieces scattered on the floor or mixed in the medium for putting another operation.

Besides this is conveniently applied to wide range of used in selecting and collecting iron powder from powder and granule materials even for household and educational uses.


  • Ease of access
  • No maintenance
  • Stable and strong magnet is built in with light operation and easy handling.

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