Magnetic Retrieving Baton with Release



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Product Description

Magnetic Retrieving Batons are innovative and powerful tools designed to remove ferrous materials in wet and dry environments. They are great tools to collect scattered nails, nuts, bolts, screws etc. and they are very handy in cleaning drill and lathe machines' ferrous waste.

The Magnetic Retrieving Batons are made entirely of Stainless Steel and the magnets are super strong Rare Earth NdFeB magnets.

Magnetic Retrieving Baton with Release-Action1  Magnetic Retrieving Baton with Release-Action2

Features & Applications:

  • Ideal for collecting metallic hardware from storage bins
  • Clean water or de-greasing tanks of metal shavings
  • Unique shape allows for easy pickup from walls and corners
  • Clean the metallic waste from Drill Machine Tables, Lathe Machine and other such machines
  • Very easy to clean. The Magnetic Retrieving Batons come with Easy to Clean Release Lever. Simply pull the lever forward and all the collected items will be released

Application video of Retrieving Baton model BR11 with soda powder:


    • BR 10: Magnetic Retrieving Baton with Easy to Clean Release Lever
    • BR 11: Magnetic Retrieving Baton with Easy to Clean Release Lever, Ergonomic Grip and Hanging Hook
Model No. Length (Inch) Diameter (Inch) Self Weight KG. Gripper
BR 10 16.5 1.0 0.5 No
BR 11 16.0 1.0 0.54 Yes