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Handle Magnet Series

Product Description

These super powerful Handle Magnets can be used to lift heavy objects such as shelves, beams, pipes, and doors. Handle Magnets can also be used to clean up scattered ferrous metal objects. Very useful in removing or collecting nuts, nails, screws, bolts, etc.

Handle Magnets can also be used as Handles on metal surfaces such as steel doors, shelves, and cupboards. Attach the handle magnet onto the metal surface and use it as a handle and a hanger. Use the Handle Magnet to hang hooks, bags, etc.

Model No. MOC Pull (Kg) Price (Rs.)
HN 10 Plastic Cover 45.4 Rs. 600/-
HN 11 Steel 11.3 Rs. 255/-
HN 12 Steel 22.7 Rs. 300/-
HN 13 Steel 45.4 Rs. 535/-
HN 14 Steel 68 Rs. 1,015/-
HN 15 Steel 102.1 Rs. 1,485/-
Handle Magnet-HN_10