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Aerospace Industry : Our AS9001D certified well equipped facility is in to manufacturing of soft magnetic components that includes - Stator and Rotor Laminations for Motors, Shields for very high attenuation for high and low field levels, Sub Assemblies for Sensors and Solenoids, Toroidal cores for Current Transformers and Components for Fuel Management Systems. We are proud suppliers to ISRO, SAC, OFB and many other Aerospace industries in India.

We have 10 Hydrogen annealing furnaces with class II (+/-6 Deg. C.) capability. These furnaces are calibrated in accordance with AMS standards. This enables to achieve appropriate magnetic properties within very narrow band.

With the involvement and use of world class manufacturing processes we can achieve intricate dimensions with specified accuracy. We target to achieve Cpk of 1.67 for critical dimensions and properties.

Our experienced team of Metallurgists, Electrical and Mechanical engineers along with our Technical Partners mag lab (Switzerland) and Melexis (Switzerland), we can achieve your specific requirements from the concept design to mass manufacturing.

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