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opthalmic endo light VR Aura-1


Aura Light source provides long lasting high intensity light which is transmitted to the eye through fiber optic pipe.

The light sources are rugged and satisfy the most demanding needs of continuous long duration surgeries.

Aura LED light source consumes only 30% electricity compared to halogen and Xenon bulbs. It is compact, ergonomic and light weight.


Technical Specifications:

  • Superior natural day light, Spectrum 6500K
  • 25 Gauge Needle
  • Power Supply: 100V-270V, 50-60Hz SMPS Power Supply
  • Brightness Control: 0 to 100% without change in color temperature
  • LED Buld x Volt, y Watt, 50,000 hours life
  • Rohs compliant (Environment Friendly)

Superior natural day light, Color temperature 6500K


23G & 25G Endo-illuminator


LED Bulb 50,000 hours life


Brightness Control: 0 to 100%


Compatibility with power adaptors and fibres cables of other makes


RoHS compliant (Environment Friendy)


Power Supply: 100V-270V, 50-60Hz SMPS


Comparative features of Aura, Halogen and Xenon light source:

Light Sources
Features PML's Aura LED Light Source Halogen Light Source Xenon Light Source
Bulb Life 50,000 Hours 2000 Hours 300 Hour
Heat Transmission Negligible High High
Light Colour Pure White Yellow White
Input Voltage 115/230V (±10%) 200-240V 200-240V
Noise Low Noise Noise of Cooling Fan Noise of Cooling Fan
Power Consumption 75 W 250 W 350 W
Size and Portability Portable - 2.4Kgs Stationary Location Stationary Location
Warranty 1 Year with Bulb Replacement  1 Year 1 Year with No Warranty for Bulb


"I have used PML Aura for surgeries requiring Chandelier type light conductors with very good results. I congratulate PML for such an innovative product."

- Dr. Vishal M. Rathore,

M.S., D.N.B., D.O.M.S., I.C.O. (U.K.)

Opthalmic Surgeon, Agrawal Eye Hospital

"I am quite satisfied with high intensity (quantity) and pure white (quality) light of your LED comparable to imported expensive light systems. Your LED light gives optimum contrast during surgeries with narrow wavelength spectrum. Also the LED source is light weight « 2.4Kg), portable & ergonomically designed. Also, the light source is adaptable to all major light pipes (Alcon, DORe, Bausch and Lomb, Geuder, Synergetics etc

I am extremely satisfied and wish PML all the best."

- Dr. Saumil Sheth,

Gold Medalist, MBBS, DOMS, FCPS, DNB

Eye surgeon & Vitreo-retina specialist, Envision Eye Hospital

"I am extremely happy with Aura which maximizes visualization of surgical field with bright light. It is very safe for the eye at the same time. There is no strain while performing complex surgeries."

- Dr. Anand Subramanyam,


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