Shunt Assembly for Energy Meters


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SHUNT is precision element for the energy meter which works in all kinds of electrical meter as power measure.

  • The Manganin Shunt resistor is used as a key part of the measuring device inside the electronic ammeter
  • The EBW type shunt gives precise measurement. It also helps to save cost of the production process and material

PML Shunt Assembly Properties:

  • Material: Manganin, an alloy of Cu (84-87%), Manganese (9-12%) and Ni (2-4%)
  • Welding Type: Electronic Beam welding
  • PML designs EB welded Shunts or full Manganin Shunt assemblies as per Customers Specifications
Nominal Chemical Composition (%)
Alloy Ni Mn Cu
Mang 38 2-4 10-12 Balance
Mang 43 2-4 11-13 Balance
Physical Properties (at room temperature)
Alloy Density g/cm3 Specific Resistance(Electrical Resistivity)μΩ-cm Thermal Linear Expansion Coeff. between 20-1000O C -6 10 /°C Temp Coeff of Resistance -6 x10 /°C Thermal EMF against Copper at 20°C μV/K
Mang 38 8.40 38.5 18 ±15 (Range 40-60 °C) -
Mang 43 8.41 43.0 18 ±15 (Range 15-35 °C) Standard: -1.00; Special ±0.20

Mechanical Properties (for cold drawn annealed wire)
Alloy Tensile strength N/mm2 Elongation % at L =100 mm
Min Max Min Max
Mang 38 350 450 15 30
Mang 43 350 450 15 30
Size Range
Form Dia (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm)
Wire 12.0-0.15 - -
Strip - 0.4-80 ≥ 0.10

Prototype Sample Making

We are customer base of all global electricity meter manufacturer. PML expertise in prototype development with temporary or wire cut method. With fast and low cost prototype development concept proving can be done with accurate handmade samples. This gives a kick start for the project making PML as preferred supplier in quality and delivery. During proto development with the customer R&D it gives PML a chance to improvise the design for better reliability and manufacturability for mass production with better results.


  • Energy meter
  • Gas meter
  • Electric automobiles
  • Functional Safety
  • Battery Management Systems (BMS)
  • Junction Box
  • High power, high current
  • Any current measurement
  • Distribution boxes
  • Power supply/ SMPS
  • Power inverters

Process Flow for SHUNTS:

  • Selection of copper & Manganin as per the customer drawing.
  • EB Welding
  • Inspection and testing
  • Punching
  • Assembly with terminals if required by customer
  • Packing and dispatch

Tooling and Stamping:

Specialized tools are made for lowest wastage and high productivity to achieve lower operational costs.PML also manufactures customized design suited to the application which includes a complete Manganin shunt & assembly, EB welded shunt & assembly, Copper –Manganin welded shunt assembly etc along with brass terminals.

Inspection & Testing:

  • The inspection is done as per the 0.65 % AQL sampling plan.
  • Testing of electrical resistance is carried out on high precision µΩ meter
  • The lowest resolution of the meter is 0.1 µΩ