Paper and Textile industry background

Iron impurities can cause a huge damage to the paper & textile industry. The main source of iron impurities is the water which further gets mixed with the product. The fine iron particles present in the product get rusty & damages the quality.

Our powerful magnetic iron separators help to overcome this problem by separating even fine iron particles effectively.

Please find a brief description of our products which are mostly used in the pharma & chemical industry.

  1. Magnetic filter :

    Magnetic filter is the preferred product which is used in liquid & semi liquid process lines. The high power magnetic elements (rods) present in it are able to catch fine iron particles also from the product . The construction is in SS which makes it safer to use in food & chemical processing lines. Available in 12000 Gauss power also.

  2. Magnetic rod :

    This is the same rod which is used in magnetic grill, filter, drawer grill, chute etc.Can be used where space is less. Available in 12000 Gauss power also. Ideal to use for inspection purposes to check iron presence in the product. SS construction, safe for pharma & chemical products.

  3. Magnetic plate :

    Magnetic plate is used to install over a conveyor to catch any iron particle present in the flowing material. Magnetic plates are preferable where the iron is not a fine (micron size) particle. It can effectively catch nails, pins, wire threads, broken blades etc from raw material. Depending on the size the attraction range varies between one to four inches. Magnet plates are available in a wide range from 1200 Gauss to high intensity 4500 Gauss.