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Product Description

Magnetic Tool Holder is the best tool to organize tools. Simply attach all the frequently used tools on the Magnetic Tool Holder. No need to search for drawers, cabinets and other storage space to look for the right tools. PML's magnetic tool holders can hold up to 9kgs per inch enabling one to attach the heaviest of tools.

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PML's Magnetic Tool Holders have the following great features:

  • It can be installed anywhere, even in moving vehicles like vans, trucks, etc. Requires only two screws
  • Visibility. Since all tools are stored and visible, picking the correct tool is a one-step process
  • Can hold up to 9kgs per inch
  • The welded steel construction makes these Magnetic Tool Holders extremely durable

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Magnetic Holders
Model No. Length (Inch) Color
TH 10 24 Yellow + Black
TH 11 24 Silver + Red
TH 12 13 Yellow + Black
TH 13 13 Silver + Red
TH 14 18 Yellow + Black
TH 15 18 Silver + Red
TH 22 18 Red + Black