Magnetic Cross Belt Separator (Self Clean Type)


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Cross Belt Magnetic Separators provide a true self cleaning industrial magnetic separator systems solution, for continuous separation of ferrous particles from material flowing on conveyors. These separator system uses a high strength overhead suspended plate magnet housed in a severe duty industrial conveyor operating in an inverted position.


  • Self Cleaning Magnetic Conveyor Belt Separator
  • High Strength, Concentrated deep magnetic field
  • Rugged, 100% duty cycle design and construction
  • Low maintenance, easy installation and operation
  • Operates in hazardous environments
  • High efficiency means energy cost savings
  • Special magnet features and options:
    • Easy inspection and access spaces for internal part of the equipment
    • Trolley suspension and cable suspension options available.
    • Belt alignment by simple plummer block arrangements
    • 2-Pulley construction
    • Custom paint work available

Models and Dimensions:




Model No. Length A (mm) Height B (mm) Width B (mm) Magnet Type 450 Gauss @ (mm) Geared Motor (KW) Weight (Kg) Max Conveyor Width (mm)
CPM 50F 1640 554 1086 Ferrite 150 1.5 620 500
CPM 65F 1790 554 1236 Ferrite 200 1.5 780 650
CPM 80F 1940 554 1436 Ferrite 250 2.2 1110 800
CPM 100F 2250 580 1478 Ferrite 300 3.0 1650 1000
Model No. Length A (mm) Height B (mm) Width C (mm) Magnet Type 450 Gauss @ (mm) Geared Motor (KW) Weight (Kg) Max Conveyor Width (mm)
CPM 50 1640 554 1086 NdFeB 150 1.5 800 500
CPM 65 1790 554 1236 NdFeB 200 1.5 960 650
CPM 80 1940 554 1436 NdFeB 250 2.2 1450 800
CPM 100 2250 580 1478 NdFeB 300 3.0 1980 1000


  • Magnetic System: CAD optimized Strontium Ferrite Ceramic or Rear Earth Permanent Magnetic system is mounted onto heavy-duty back plate and encased in stainless steel to obtain maximum magnetic flux across the flowing material underneath
  • Electric Drive: Shaft mounted worm geared motor unit, fitted with IP54 electric high performance Non Geared Motors, connected to drive pulley via a flexible coupling. Power Supply : 440 V, 3 ph, 50 Hz
  • Separator Belt: Heavy Duty 3-ply rubber belt 10.5mm in thickness, (4mm rubber anti-wear rubber on the upper, 1.5mm thick anti-wear rubber on lower, 4 plies of high-quality thread at the center). These belts have been vulcanized endless and travel at a speed of 1.5 m/s
  • Bearings: Sealed for life pillow block bearings
  • Pulleys: Fabricated mild steel with crowned face, fitted with slipper plates for ease of belt tension and tracking to increase belt life
  • Guarding: Full length stainless steel guard fitted on the side of the overband to prevent access to nipping points and prevent belt damage due to product entrapment
  • Support Frame: Welded construction provided with eyebolt for customers suspension slings
  • Finish: All steel parts have one coat primer and two coats of high performance alkyd enamel

General Information:

CPM Series Cross Belt Magnetic Separators are used to remove tramp iron from conveyed materials by pulling the tramp upwards through the material against the force of gravity. They are very powerful magnets and are generally suspended above conveyor belts.

Incorporated is a motor-driven magnetic conveyor belt running across the face of the magnet, continuously moving the collected material away from the magnetic field. The removed material falls away from the belt once it leaves the magnetic field, making it a self cleaning suspended magnetic conveyor belt separator.

It must be stressed that overhead magnets are not metal detectors, and they will only operate on magnetic materials. They will not react to authenticate steels or non-ferrous items.

Medium Intensity Permanent Magnetic Cross Belt Separators are used where the material to be separated is large enough to get acted upon by medium magnetic fields from large distances. These separators find ease in picking up large ferrous material from around 200mm depth. However if the material size is smaller and the burden depth is larger, these separators become inefficient.

High Intensity Permanent Magnetic Cross Belt Separators are employed at locations where separation of ferrous material is required from a distance for around 300 mm. This type of separator is useful in picking p bolts and nuts, channels, angles, and metal pieces from distances.


Performance Curve For A Typical Permanent Magnetic Cross Belt Separator

Cross belt field map


General experimental tests with M16x50 Bolt Attraction Distance (free state)

High Strength Cross Belt Separator

Industries using Permanent Magnetic Cross Belt Separators:

  • Recycling
  • Mining & minerals
  • Food processing
  • Steelworks & slag processing
  • Ceramic & powder
  • Wood processing
  • Aggregate& quarrying
  • Packaging
  • Power stations
  • Plastic& glass manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical etc

Why PML?

  • 45+ years of experience in design and development of Permanent Magnets and Magnetic Systems
  • Custom made Magnetic Systems available
  • Excellent after sales service
  • Services such as Magnetic Calibration / Audits are available