Product Description

PML magnetic rods are world-class when it comes to magnetic strengths and precision in dimensions. These rods are made up of magnets, which are fitted inside seamless drawn and heat treated SS 304 L tubes. The thickness of the tubes is optimized to obtain the highest efficiency of the magnets inside. Magnets are hard ferrite ceramic magnets or high-intensity rare earth magnets. The overall construction of the magnetic grills can also be made as per the customer specification and sizes. These magnetic rods, when optimized to handle flow rates and high ferrous material deposition levels, serve as the heart of PML Magnetic grills and Magnetic Filters.

Industries Using Magnetic Rod

  • Plastic
  • Food Products. (Sugar, Coffee, Tea, Grains, Pulses, Flour, Spices, Milk, etc.)
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Ceramic
  • Colors / Paints
  • Pigments
  • Ink
  • Refractory

Standard PML Magnetic Rods

Low-intensity magnetic rods are ideal for catching materials such as Nuts, Bolts, Screws, broken washers, etc. These rods are designed to attract larger iron pieces from relatively larger distances.

Model No. Magnets Length (mm) Diameter (mm) Material
LMR 10 Ferrite 100 25 SS 304
LMR 15 Ferrite 150 25 SS 304
LMR 20 Ferrite 200 25 SS 304
LMR 25 Ferrite 250 25 SS 304
LMR 30 Ferrite 300 25 SS 304
LMR 35 Ferrite 350 25 SS 304
LMR 40 Ferrite 400 25 SS 304
LMR 45 Ferrite 450 25 SS 304
LMR 50 Ferrite 500 25 SS 304
LMR 55 Ferrite 550 25 SS 304
LMR 60 Ferrite 600 25 SS 304

High-intensity magnetic rods are capable of catching contamination particles as small as 1 micron. These rods have been designed to attract super fine particles from the carrier material.

Model No. Magnets Length (mm) Diameter (mm) Material
HMR 10 NdFeB 100 25 SS 304
HMR 15 NdFeB 150 25 SS 304
HMR 20 NdFeB 200 25 SS 304
HMR 25 NdFeB 250 25 SS 304
HMR 30 NdFeB 300 25 SS 304
HMR 35 NdFeB 350 25 SS 304
HMR 40 NdFeB 400 25 SS 304
HMR 45 NdFeB 450 25 SS 304
HMR 50 NdFeB 500 25 SS 304
HMR 55 NdFeB 550 25 SS 304
HMR 60 NdFeB 600 25 SS 304


General Information

  • Magnetic Rods in Diameter other that 25mm is also available.
  • Tapping M8 x 15 mm deep can be provided at one end OR both end as desired.
  • It can be supplied is SS 316 also.
  • Easy clean rods are available.
  • Long heavy duty rods for chain type coolant systems are available.
  • Customized rods designs available.
  • Low-intensity magnetic rods have Gauss values 2,500 and high-intensity magnetic rods have a Gauss value of 11,000.
  • Super high-intensity magnetic rod also available with guass value 12,000 for maximum operating temperature up to 80ᵒC.
  • Rods with intermediate Gauss values are also available.
  • Medium and High-intensity magnetic Rods with Maximum operating temperature of 200ᵒC available.
  • High-intensity Rod with 9,000 guass value and maximum operating temperature up to 350ᵒC also available with SMCO (Samarium Cobalt Magnet).

Why PML Magnetic Rods?

  • 45+ years of experience in the design and development of Permanent Magnets and Magnetic Systems Information.
  • Magnet Rods are also available with 10,000 Gauss for operating temperatures up to 200°C.
  • Easy to clean, no maintenance cost and no preventing expensive shutdown and delays for equipment down the process line.
  • No power cost.
  • Installation of these Rods improves product quality thereby enhances product value and helps in meeting FDA and other government/customer regulations on iron contamination levels.
  • Services such as magnetic calibration/Audit are available
  • PML also makes customized design and easy clean rods

FAQ for Magnetic Rod

  • 1) How to clean the magnet?
  • Ans - The magnetic rods are provided on the rotating shaft. To clean the iron, Open the door & wipe our the iron with the clothes. The catched iron on the magnetic plate can be remove by wiping the clothe manually.
  • 2) How to install the Rotary magent?
  • Ans - The ASA standard flanges are provided at inlet & outlet to install the magnet into process line
  • 3) In what direction magnetic hump should be installed?
  • Ans - Vertical direction only.
  • 4) Is it leak proof?
  • Ans - Yes. Gaskets are provided at magnet opening to prevent material leakage.
  • 5) Does it require power supply?
  • Ans - Yes, Center shaft on which rods are mounted rotates with the help of the induction motor.
  • 6) Where it is used?
  • Ans - Rotary Magnet is used to separate iron from sticky, slurry & non free flowing materials. This will help for better iron removal from material.
  • 7) What will be the life for magnet?
  • Ans - It is a permanent magnet it will not loose its magnetism. Magnet can get demagnetized in two cases, a) When it get damaged. b) When magnet get exposed beyond specified operating temperature. But magnet can loose its magnetism 2% to 3% over the span of 5years.
  • 8) Can we recharge the magnet?
  • Ans - No. Magnet cannot be recharged.
  • 9) How we can measure the power of magnet ?
  • Ans - Magnetic intensity can be checked by gauss meter. We also provide calibration services, which we will be valid for 1year
  • 10) How should i select the magnet size?
  • Ans - Please select PML standard model as per material flow rate & type of iron contamination.

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