Magnetic sweeper RH series model



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Product Description

Magnetic Sweeper also referred to as Magnetic Broom is useful for quick clearing of dangerous ferrous scrap metals which include iron chips, shavings, nails, nuts, screws, tacks, barbed wire and staples etc.

Using Magnetic Sweepers is a quick, convenient, safe and time saving way to clean floors, driveways, construction areas, walkways, factory aisles, loading docks, packing lots and more.

Specifications Sweeping Width: Wheel Diameter: Ground Clearance: Length of Total Assembly: Width of Magnet: Height of Magnet: Magnetic Area: Plate Housing Thickness: Length of holding Rod: Lifting Capacity: Magnet Strength: Cleaning Operation:
Model RH11 14 '' 6 '' 2 '' 15 '' 5 '' 1.8 '' 14 '' 2 mm 48 '' 3 kg 1000 gs Self
Model RH10 24 '' 6 '' 2 '' 30 '' 5 '' 1.8 '' 24 '' 2mm 48 '' 5kg 1000 gs Self

RH Series: Heavy Duty Magnetic Sweepers with Quick Release

These Magnetic Floor Sweepers are made up of strong permanent ceramic magnets which magnetically sweep the scrap metal lying about without any fuss and the rubber wheels that come with the Magnetic Floor Sweeper make for easy movement. Also, with just a pull of the rod, all trapped material is released. No need to clean using work gloves and heavy shop towels. This feature adds great value to the user.

Magnetic Sweepers-application1Magnetic Sweepers-application2

Sweeper RH model Assembly video, RH11 Video & RH10 Video